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Who doesn't like a bargain? The MyEats® app will save you hundreds of dollars over the next year from some of your favorite fast food restaurants all across the country.

These restaurants make such generous offers for only one reason; they want to help us raise money for nonprofit organizations. Your purchase today means that these organizations will have the necessary resources to care for people affected by natural disasters, or helping a wounded warrior that is returning home from protecting our freedom. The resources provide food for school-age children and senior citizens as well, Plus, your purchase of the MyEats® app is providing medical care all over the world. Without the generosity of the restaurants, without your generosity, we couldn't do what we

alytics LLC is a platform for human goodness. We started our organization with a simple idea: Give people the power and resources to bring their ideas to life. Over the years we have seen how good ideas can change and reshape the world.

We would like to do more! It's your small contribution that makes such a large difference in the lives of so many.