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Charitable Giving Foundation for ALZ

The Longest Day is all about love. Love for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. We are proud to support the annual Longest Day event, and can’t thank you enough for all you have already done. But, because the disease knows no depth in regards to pain and suffering, and because it is no respecter of persons, we choose to do more. With your help, we will!

To advance research, to provide care and support, the Charitable Giving Foundation will be conducting the most aggressive fundraising campaign we have ever participated in. With your help, we are going to raise thousands of dollars in the next 60 days for the Alzheimer’s Association. Even that we consider a drop in the bucket, but it gets even better.

You are about to watch a video that thoroughly explains the entire project, but we want to say something that the video doesn’t. This is the first fundraiser we’ve seen in all our years that gives the donation back to the donor over the course of the year. Yes, what you donate is returned to you by your participation. Even better, as you continue to participate, our annual donation to the Alzheimer’s Association continues to grow. As we said, this is the most amazing fundraising project we’ve ever seen.

So, please watch the video and make your contribution. Together, working as a team, we believe what we will accomplish is far greater than ever imagined. We will be responsible for the cure of Alzheimer’s disease!

John T. Carr,

Founder and President,

Charitable Giving Foundation