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Frequently asked questions:

We create a personal landing page that is unique to every school or organization. This allows you to add a personalized message, clearly explaining your mission for the campaign.
It is! Our patent is pending and there is nothing like it in the fundraising industry today. However, alytics LLC handles all the technical work for you. Each school/organization receives an online dashboard which allows you to monitor your progress daily. Additionally, we provide every school/organization with a highly qualified Customer Success Representative. They will work with you through every step of your campaign. We also have technical support agents that are an easy phone call away.
Each participant completes a personal online registration, complete with school or group code and a participant identifier. Then they do what is now very natural for them. They pin, post, tag, text, or tweet a message that we supply that lets their social following know that they are participating in a fundraising program for their school or organization.
Well...it is! We have been in the fundraising industry since 1981 and have learned that simple is a good thing. This advanced process is designed to minimize time involvement for the participants and the volunteers, all while giving your school or group maximum exposure. Additionally, our existing clients have told us how much they appreciate the elimination of the headaches associated with the old methods of fundraising.
We start every campaign on a Monday and they each close out on Sunday at midnight. The entire campaign finishes in 7 days.
All our payments are processed through Paypal. They accept all major credit cards.
The charge appears with a school or organization name along with the word "fundraiser".
Paypal processes all their transactions immediately. Your school or group will have its money within 7 days after the fundraiser closes.