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If you have been involved or around fundraising with schools or nonprofit organizations for any length of time, then you are probably familiar with coupon books or discount cards. Even though millions have been sold throughout the years, we continue to hear the same complaints: the coupon is in the other car or purse, or, the coupon isn't good in my area. While the product was great, it just wasn't very user-friendly. Thank goodness for technology!

Introducing MyEats©,

A digital coupon book for your smartphone. Because nobody leaves home without their phone, you will always have an abundance of savings choices right in the palm of your hand.


The MyEats® app includes more than 40 of your favorite national and regional fast food restaurant chains. Each of them is making generous offers to encourage consumers to support your school or nonprofit group.

What is better than using a coupon to get a free item at your favorite fast food restaurant? Using the same coupon a second, third, or twenty-third time! With those old coupon books, once you used the coupon it was gone. Not so with the MyEats® app. Your MyEats® app has an expiration date of one year from the date of your purchase. You can use each coupon over and over again, once per day, for an entire year. So not just a "free item" or “giant discount” once, but every time you choose to eat at your favorite fast food restaurant. That could add up to some serious savings.

The MyEats® app, good across the nation, offers hundreds of dollars in savings for one full year. Plus, by your purchase, you are supporting programs of excellence right here in America. Start enjoying your MyEats® app today.

Guidelines for the MyEats® app:

  • Expires one year from purchase

  • Cannot be used with other discounts or offers

  • Misuse of the app could result in denial of service

  • Each coupon can only be used once per day

  • Valid only at participating restaurants

  • Restaurants reserve the right to change their offers throughout the year.

  • We do not sell our membership lists to outside vendors.

  • We do, however, send periodical updates of new offers.

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